Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT has fast become one of the leading therapies for releasing negative emotions.  In fact I would imagine that within the next 10 or so years this therapy will be the leading therapy worldwide for mental health and well being.

I personally believe that conventional therapies dealing with this area of mental healing have become stagnated.  The act of sitting down talking to a person hoping that he or she is smart enough to provide you with all the answers is fast becoming outdated. I have personally seen and experienced EFT providing results where conventional psychology only dreams of going..


You never too old or too young to let go of negative emotionsYour Never Too Old or Too Young to Let Go


EFT is a simple process that once mastered is usable anywhere at any time. In fact EFT is so simple to apply that children are now being taught how to use it..  This is great news for this new generation, as these kids can now let go of negative emotions without taking them forward into adulthood.


Blocks Using EFT

EFT is so simple and easy to learn that I have seen children as young as 9 using it in its correct format. I even witnessed my niece at the age of 4 begin to tap; although it was a mix mash, but she was tapping.

Whilst the basics principles of EFT are simple to learn, it may however take a lifetime of mastering.

Throughout the last decade of using EFT I have experienced mental road blocks which can sometimes get in our way, preventing us from seeing the real issue. Thus sometimes when we tap on our own we can tap and tap and tap and not get the full relief we are looking for, as we are either not using the right words or not tapping on the core issue.

Change the words being used


I think it was Albert Einstein that said: 

“The solution to my problem is sometimes outside of my thinking”..

So remember that if your not getting the results you want then find yourself a tapping buddy, someone whom might be able to see things from a different perspective. Change the words being used, or find some scripts on the net or even see a professional practitioner.



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Whilst I am a very competent Practitioner in my own right, it would be impossible to say that I know it all. One thing I know to be true is over the last decade whilst I have been performing EFT I have often come to points in time where I thought that I knew EFT, and its usually when this happens that some amazing discovery has come about; Just at this point I usually learn something awesome and something new from another Practitioner or from one of my own Clients. Because of this I Believe EFT will continue to amaze me right up until I die.

I am forever purchasing new books, products and information about EFT.  Thus I have also begun to link to many products and programs on this site:

EFT Products

I will be up front here and say that I have not personally purchased all of these programs. Whilst I have however purchased many of them, there are some that are not for me.  For example I might provide a link to a program about weight loss, but as its not my topic of interest or more to the point I don’t have a problem with weight loss, thus I’m more interested in looking at other products.  But it would be silly of me not to at least provide links for you just in case your looking for more help in those areas.


How Successful is EFT

Even though I fully praise and support EFT and personally believe that modern medicine in certain areas is outdated and is about to change dramatically, I will admit that EFT is not going to be the answer to all of life’s issues. EFT is not suppose to be the ultimate cure, in fact if any practitioner tells you that it will cure everything then I suggest that you run away, run for the hills, run away really really fast.

Whilst I know EFT is not the fix all for all ailments I do however believe from my experience that EFT is 100 Percent Effective on Negative emotions.

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From my point of view if EFT is not working to clear the negative emotions then don’t blame EFT, the problem most likely is that your looking in the wrong place and you need to change the words being used or the subject being tapped.

If your having trouble getting to the bottom of your problem then maybe seek out an EFT Practitioner as he or she will help you to get unstuck. That’s not to say that you can’t clear 80% of your issues on your own without outside assistance, in fact most of the time you can.  However I know you would agree that sometimes its not possible on your own to release everything, and sometimes some topics need extra help, such as Post Traumatic Stress from War or other life experiences, Child Abuse, Rape and much more..