Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT

EFT is fast becoming one of the leading natural therapies worldwide. In fact I would imagine that within the next 10 years energy therapy will be the leading therapy worldwide, and EFT will be at the forefront.

I personally believe that conventional medicine in the area of mental healing has largely become stagnated. The art of sitting in a seat talking to a person and hoping that he is smart enough to provide you with all the answers to all your problems is becoming outdated. In fact I have personally helped individuals who themselves have degrees in Psychology and yet they were unable to find the answers to help themselves.


EFT is being used on a worldwide scale by many psychologists, counselors, doctors, teachers, coaches, mums and dads, and many many individuals who are wanting to overcome life long emotional trauma, or to overcome certain negative emotions or limiting beliefs.

EFT is a simple process that once mastered is useable anywhere at any time, as you use your own fingers to heal yourself… EFT is so simply that children are now being taught how to use EFT to overcome situations that arise in their life before it has time to stagnate..



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How Simple is EFT to Learn

EFT is so simple to learn that I have seen children as young as 7 using it in its correct format. I have even seen my niece at the age of 4 begin to tap.

Whilst the basics principles of EFT are simple to learn it might however still take a lifetime to master. Anyone can perform EFT as the basic recipe never changes. What I have realized is that we all have our own limitations and because of this we sometimes allow ourselves to get in the way.

EFT is easy to perform, and with some practice you WILL be able to use EFT effectively and be able to apply it to many areas of your life. Sometimes however you may need some assistance from an EFT Practitioner as there are many ways to attack the same issue.

For example; Two Chiefs in a kitchen can both create a plate of spaghetti, but they will usually be slightly different as we each add our own zest to the creation. So if you have 100 chiefs in a kitchen you could potentially have 100 different plates, all slightly different but all on the same topic as they will all be spaghetti..

This is why I mentioned earlier that EFT can take a lifetime to master, as there is always something new to learn, a new way to attack and old emotion or belief.  I have been performing EFT for close to a decade and yet I still take courses in EFT and without fail on every course I manage to release something that was holding me back..

You will see that on this site I have begun to link to many of the worlds best practitioners who have actively been developing material for use. I personally use, purchase, and tap to many scripts from all EFT Practitioners. I have tapped to almost all of the programs you see listed on this site, and I continue to tap as I purchase copies from different practitioners.

Why? because like the plate of spaghetti I am always finding little nuggets of gold in scripts on subjects I previously thought I was free from..

Whilst I am a very competent Practitioner in my own right, it would be impossible to say that I know it all.  One thing I know to be true is that whilst over the last decade that I have been performing EFT I have often come to points in time where I thought that I knew EFT, and its usually when this happens that some amazing discovery has come about; I have learned something awesome and something new from another Practitioner or from one of my own Clients.  I Believe EFT will continue to amaze me until I die.

How Successful is EFT

Even though I fully praise and support EFT and personally believe that modern medicine in certain areas is outdated and is about to change dramatically, I will admit that EFT is not going to be the answer to all of life’s issues.  EFT is not suppose to be the ultimate cure, in fact if any practitioner tells you that it will cure everything then I suggest that you run away really fast.

However from my experience I believe that EFT is 100% effective on negative emotions. From my point of view if EFT is not working to clear the negative emotions then don’t blame EFT, the problem is that you are most likely looking in the wrong place and you need to change the words being used or the subject being tapped.  If your having trouble getting to the bottom of your problem then maybe seek out an EFT Practitioner as he or she will help you to get unstuck.

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